Road Trip??

I’m itching to try surfing in the 🌊 ocean 🌊!!  In the past, on holidays, I’ve rented a board and at most had an afternoon to try it out. Totally self-taught just watching others. Earlier vacations meant I had the advantage of being an active skateboarder–so balance was good–but most times I was out of … Continue reading Road Trip??

More surfers who inspire!

Being sick with a cold, as well as no wind this month, means I’ve had some time to live vicariously.  These are surfers I’d like to surf like… enjoy the short videos! Torren Martyn Short board surfer oozing style (twin fin fishtail) Rob Machado Go Fish–surfing France in Autumn Australian 4time world champion Mark Richards–my body … Continue reading More surfers who inspire!

Road trip?!

So in light of the possibility of either wanting to carpool with another surfer or to travel with a passenger and my board, I realized I’d need a good roof rack. The board fits perfectly in the car but there’s absolutely no room for anyone else! I found a gently used Thule roof rack at … Continue reading Road trip?!